February 2008 -The Drive for Sponsorship

There is considerable competition for sponsorship these days. Well-known companies receive thousands of requests for sponsorship every year. Many now work through an internet sponsor site that imposes a standard format for the requests, reviews the event or cause and forwards them to the corporation which in their opinion would be most interested. In the past two months the following companies have been approached with detailed formal proposals to support the Green Ocean Race, some using the website ‘Sponsorwise’.

  •  Areva (French manufacturer of nuclear reactors and sponsor of several ocean races)–no reply.
  • Environmental Defense Fund–no reply.
  • General Motors–replied, but they’re not interested in the GOR.
  • Toyota North America–replied and suggested a more detailed submittal.
  • Motorola (sponsors some boats in ocean races)–Replied with a “no interest” in the GOR.
  • Cadillac Motors (developer of the Provoq hybrid/electric)–no reply
  • Google–no reply.

Any suggestions on possible sponsors gratefully received.

Although the purpose of the website is to promote the GOR I am inevitably getting a good deal of feedback about the looming energy crisis. I can recommend two videos for those seriously interested in our energy future:

  • A CRUDE AWAKENING, made by Basil Gelpke and Ray McCormack, Lava Productions, AG, Switzerland. This fascinating video covers the history of oil exploitation, prediction of oil reserves and the future. Numerous interviews are conducted with geologists, scientists, Arabian ministers and even a US Congressman.
  • NOBODY’S FUEL, made by Douglas Lightfoot, visit www.nobodysfuel.com . Mr. Lightfoot suggests that securing a sustainable energy future is even more important than climate change. He reviews various alternative energy sources and proposes that a crucial step is to develop fast breeder reactors.

Both videos are sobering and agree that we have little time left to solve the problem if we are to avoid severe disruption to our accepted way of life. Google the titles for more information, I believe the videos can be ordered from the makers or from Netflix.

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